Offcuts Teahouse (Durational Tea Ceremony Performance)

As part of National Arts Council's Arts In Your Neighbourhood, join tea practitioner Kenny Leong in an intimate 15-minute durational performance in our OFFCUTS TEAHOUSE. Learn valuable tea philosophy insights, including the aesthetics of Japanese and Chinese tea, tea ceremony etiquette, as well as mindfulness practice and exercises for the individual, the community and the environment.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Tampines neighbourhood, enjoy a brief moment of repose with Kenny.

Admission is free.

Each session invites a pair to learn from and exchange conversations with Kenny, or families of 4 (2 adults with up to 2 children below the age of 7) are welcome as well*. Children above the age of 7 will be considered as 1 adult.

*Kindly drop us a message via Peatix to let us know if you'll be bringing your little one(s) to the session, thank you!

Dates: 9, 10, 16, 17 March (Saturdays and Sundays)
Time: Register a 15-minute session from 4pm-6pm each day
Venue: Tampines Community Plaza


Drawing inspiration from the traditional East Asian teahouse, OFFCUTS TEAHOUSE explores ways of re-imagining a place of meeting and contemplation within a cosmopolitan city like Singapore.

A reflection of the multiple brewing of tea, the teahouse is created from repurposed offcuts: second life materials collected from the region of Tampines, contributions from its residents and materials reappropriated from the artist's studio. This repurposing of materials allow them to take on different characters and properties with each use and presentation.

As we re-brew the offcuts materials, we give it a new lease of life.

The measurements of the teahouse emulates a standard unit of measurement that unifies and relates to Singaporeans -- the standard dimensions of a HDB bomb shelter, a 1.2m x 1.2m square space. The design of the teahouse reminds us of a tropical architecture, one of light and shade.

Situated amidst greenery in the neighbourhood, one is invited to enter the space, brew a cup of tea and contemplate nature through a single window and the urban city through the other.

About HF/DF
HF/DF is an interdisciplinary collaboration between artist Gerald Leow and design studio In the Wild. We create spatial experiences, three dimensional objects and installations that intersect between the fields of art and design. All objects are uniquely created within the artist's studio, a city fabrication lab that embodies interdisciplinary thinking, making and exploration.


Arts in Your Neighbourhood is a programme by the National Arts Council. This programme aims to provide enriching arts experiences for everyone at their doorsteps, and consists of interactive arts programmes by established artists and arts groups held at various spaces across the island.

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Mar 9 - Mar 17, 2019
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Tampines Community Plaza
9 March, Saturday, 4.00-4.15pm FULL
9 March, Saturday, 4.15-4.30pm FULL
9 March, Saturday, 4.30-4.45pm FULL
9 March, Saturday, 5.00-5.15pm FULL
9 March, Saturday, 5.15-5.30pm FULL
9 March, Saturday, 5.30-5.45pm FULL
10 March, Sunday, 4.00-4.15pm FULL
10 March, Sunday, 4.15-4.30pm FULL
10 March, Sunday, 4.30-4.45pm FULL
10 March, Sunday, 5.00-5.15pm FULL
10 March, Sunday, 5.15-5.30pm FULL
10 March, Sunday, 5.30-5.45pm FULL
16 March, Saturday, 4.00-4.15pm FULL
16 March, Saturday, 4.15-4.30pm FULL
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16 March, Saturday, 5.15-5.30pm FULL
16 March, Saturday, 5.30-5.45pm FULL
17 March, Sunday, 4.00-4.15pm FULL
17 March, Sunday, 4.15-4.30pm FULL
17 March, Sunday, 4.30-4.45pm FULL
17 March, Sunday, 5.00-5.15pm FULL
17 March, Sunday, 5.15-5.30pm FULL
17 March, Sunday, 5.30-5.45pm FULL
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